Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More pages relates to "3sorcieres"!

It´s been years Since I posted anything new, damn I´m so freaking lazy while it comes to internet...
anyway, Rex Mundi is long time finished, as I write this I guess the last trade (vol 6) is being shipped to the comic stores.
Right now I´m working coloring the last Solomon Kane miniseries from Dark Horse. Script Scott Allie and pencils and ink by Mario Guevara. I also did a cover for The Guild (issue 3).
But my main frame of work is with a new creator owned project for France, yes I´m doing a BD!! I studied french for like 10 years or more while I was in school and I always loved la BD (bande dessin√©)
I´m working for Soleil and the project is called "3 sorcieres" with writes Nicolas Pona.
I´m almost finishg the first album.

here are some pages.....